Portable Jump Starter

Porta-Jump Emergency Car Jump Starter

It is there when you need it!!!
Unlike our competitor’s units which need monthly charging to maintain their readiness, the Porta-Jump comes fully charged. It is ready to use out of the package and stays that way until you need it the most!
It is so Compact and Easy to Use…Everyone who drives, should have one!
You would never think about driving your car without a spare tire; and you shouldn’t drive your car without having a Porta-Jump in the glove box or trunk.
Just plug into your cigarette lighter or power port, wait for the green light and start it up.

To recharge, keep it plugged in for 30 minutes while driving and Porta-Jump is ready to use again if the need arises.
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A “smart chip” is built in to let you know if your dead battery will accept a charge.

It is a multi-use emergency charger.