Self Watering Container

Developed by a noted horticultural professor and scientist, the Wonder Planter automatically gives your plant just the right amount of water. Using a unique vacuum-capillary design, the attractive Wonder Planter takes the guesswork out of watering. We guarantee it! Even the most sensitive, hard-to-grow plants like orchids, azaleas and poinsettias, will thrive.

Simply set the nursery pot directly into the Wonder Planter, or, if you prefer transplant the plant in the planter, fill the vacuum chamber with water, and the specially designed absorbent mat and wick take care of the rest. No more dead plants! No need for plastic ones. Relax and enjoy beautiful, healthy plants maintained by the Wonder Planter!

* Fits all, popular 4 to 6 inch nursery pots.
* Available in two attractive colors (Charco
al Gray and Red)
* Made of light-weight transparent ABS specially formulated plastic.
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Stop worrying about under watering or overwatering your plants!