(847) 477-9093

(847) 477-9093

Why 6 Ideas?

Why 6 Ideas?

We Have the Relationships

6 Ideas has the kind of relationships with merchandisers and buyers that allow us the access that you need. We get absolute access, even when they are constantly bombarded with unsolicited calls, emails, letters, and samples. When a package or call comes in from us, These companies know and trust our people and typically review the item.

Target Marketing

When you get more than 7000 mail order catalogs, where’s your starting point? We’re aware of the right place to go, the right catalogs to contact. We also know the wrong ones and the ones to stay away from! We work with over 90 major catalogs in the United States and Canada. Some of those companies may also be part of groups that will sell your products in the European market.

No Risk to the Customer

You’re not going to pay 6 Ideas until sell your products. The fee that we take from you is based on a commission. You’re not paying for the efforts that we put in until you sell your products and you see orders flowing and finances increasing. Our company accepts products we believe will sell. If your product is accepted by 6 Ideas, there is a great chance that you’re going to see your products placed on television or in catalogs.

Negotiate the Best Deal

If you make money, we make money. It is in our best interest to help you make money. Many catalogs will try to obtain discounts, allowances and other charges from first time vendors. We know each catalogs’ margin requirements and what concessions are really necessary to make the sale happen.

We Manage the Whole Process

First, we promote your product directly to the decision makers. We send out product samples and follow up. We complete all the appropriate paperwork and vendor setup forms on your behalf. Once your product is placed we deal directly with buyers and re-buyers. We make sure the purchase orders are correct before they arrive at your office. Finally, we handle any ongoing customer service issues, questions or r sts for documentation. We will even assist in collections, if needed.In short,we sell your products.


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