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6 Ideas Mission

Our mission is to bring inventive, innovative and cost effective products to the public. We provide inventive solutions to people to improve their lifestyle and their enjoyment of life. Since 2002, 6 Ideas has offered unique and efficient products to TV shopping and the mail order industry as a whole.
If you’re looking for a specific item, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Representing the Inventors

While we may be compensated by the companies to whom we sell your products, rest assured that it is your best interests that we are considering when we buy and sell. In most cases, negotiations have been completed on your behalf by taking your margin into account as well as the most competitive pricing that we can offer.

For example, if a vendor tells us that their wholesale price is $10 for an item that retails for $19.95, we will explain that an $8 price point is needed to make it work in mail order. So we have already saved you 20%!

Substitute Items

When or if you have a vendor that cannot or will not supply the item, we find a way to source it for you! Many of our vendors have very unique relationships with their factories. They can send a product to them and have it sourced within weeks. Additionally we have aligned ourselves with certain factories and trading companies to make sure that we’re able to get the products that we need. We can offer you that service to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it.

Proactive and Responsive

Follow up is the key to our success! Unless we are visiting you or attending a trade show, phone calls and emails are returned with in 2 hours. We will contact you if there is a problem and make sure that we work to prevent issues with your products or services by contacting you if we think that an issue may be in the offing. Your Product and Vendor information paperwork is normally turned around within 48 hours. 6 Ideas strives to be the most responsive representative of your best interests.

New Products

It is our goal to introduce you to over 50 products or product lines that are exciting and innovative! You will receive email blasts on a weekly basis that show you what we’re doing and explore new ideas and new product. 6 Ideas uses an email service that allows us to give you all of information that we have as quickly as possible!


Our website offers a What’s New Page that will keep you in the loop about new products that we have in the offing. See immediately all the latest and greatest offerings from 6 Ideas!