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Vendors – Here’s How You Can Benefit from 6 Ideas.
We Have the Relationships to Help to Jump Start Your Sales

Our relationships with merchandisers and buyers give us solid and direct access to the products that you’re lookingfor. When a package or call comes in from us, they know us and will always review the item.

Target Marketing

With over 7000 mail order catalogs, how do you know where to start when you’re ready to take your product to market? 6 Ideas knows the right people to contact and the right companies with which to work. We’re also in the know about the wrong ones and where not to go to get your products out and selling for you..

No Risk At All to the Vendor

No one can take a chance on a product that they just aren’t sure about. We take a commission from your sales. If we say your product is going to sell, it means that we’re staking our own money and our own reputation on that. You don’t pay until your products are on the market and selling.

We Consider Your Bottom Line.

If you look good we look good and if you make money so do we. Many companies will try to get those first time discounts, allowances and other charges from first time vendors. We know each catalogs’ margin requirements and what concessions are really necessary to make the sale happen. If you’re making money we’re making money so we are looking out for your sales and your profits.

We Manage the Whole Process

6 Ideas will promote your products. Of course you own the product and you’re able to manage and sell as you wish to do but we’re here to help. We send out product samples and follow up proactively with the companies with which we work. We complete all the appropriate paperwork and vendor setup forms on your behalf.

Once your product is placed we deal directly with buyers and re-buyers. We make sure the purchase orders are correct before they arrive at your office. We even help with collections and provide marketing ideas. If you’re looking for a full service assistant in getting your products selling better and moving faster, 6 Ideas has you covered. Call Today!!