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Why Sell to Mail Order

Speed to Market

Why Sell To Mail Order Venues?

One of the more cost effective and the speediest way to get your products onto the market is mail order. Catalogs are typically three to six months out when choosing products. Retail can take three times that long in order to get the products on the shelf.

Single Items are Not Problematic.

When approaching a retail establishment for distribution, the vendors normally want a full line of products before they are well received. When you are distributing via mail order, the catalogs will take on products that are single –lone distributions so the company that has only one product can compete and even succeed.

The Risk is Nominal

In most cases, the average mail order catalogs will not charge for advertising or even for product placement. It is a very positive way in which to test to see if your products will sell with relatively low risk.

No Fancy Packaging Needed

Stores normally require very creative packaging that will stand out and will attract and draw in the customer to make the sale. The catalogs require only very positive ad copy and it is by this that their products are sold. By the time the customer sees the product and packaging, they have already bought it! A brown box or polybag is sufficient for catalogs.

Big Market

There are more than $360 Billion per year in consumer orders from catalogs. Nearly everyone believed that the internet would be the end of catalogs and consumer sales. The fact is that the opposite happened. The internet actually increased the sales of products via a catalog and today, largely because of the internet there are more than 7000 mail order houses and mail order catalogs in the United States alone.

National Exposure

Catalogs offer your products more directly and to a much wider audience. The catalogs can offer exposure to millions of potential buyers who are ready and willing to take your product.. When your product appears in a recognized catalog, your product and your company enjoy instant credibility and visibility. This exposure could be a lead in to Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

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