Inflation can be stopped at any time to meet your firmnessWhen deflated fits easily into purse, backpack or briefcaseWishbone Shape provides lumbar supportAutomatically inflates and deflates with convenient valveGreat for car, plane, office, couch, chair, wheelchair, etc.Can be used as a pillow

6 Super Bright (9 LED) Flashlights

People are always looking for a flashlight. Now they will never be without one! Get 6 compact, sturdy flashlights including batteries! Great price! Great margin! The vendor has single units, 2 packs, 14 LED units and  much more.     6 Pack of 9 LED Super Bright Flashlights     3 DifferentCarry On...

Portable Jump Starter

Porta-Jump Emergency Car Jump Starter It is there when you need it!!!Unlike our competitor’s units which need monthly charging to maintain their readiness, the Porta-Jump comes fully charged. It is ready to use out of the package and stays that way until you need it the most!It is so CompactCarry On...